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    Building Bridges

    October 27, 2015 by Ecuadorsoccer

    We are building bridges between informativo and held wikis. We think we are making a good work. I know this wiki won't be in the top 20 of more useful wikis but... I could be better, we Announced this wiki in the Head Soccer Wiki and made lots of links. We have to keep doing links to conectado both wikis.

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  • Ecuadorsoccer

    There are things this wiki needs:

    1. Questions: Anyone ask questions so this wiki becomes useless. Please ask questions, TRY to get one.

    2. Links between the Head Soccer Wiki and the Head Soccer Help Site: There are links between both wiki but still we need more.

    3.Pictures of the costumes: There are Costume Question Pages but, without images, we need the pictures of the costumes. When I (Ecuadorsoccer) try to upload an image, it appears "File type verification error ".

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  • Ecuadorsoccer

    Wn I ask someone if he knows what is the HSFAQ he says NO. So I don't know how we can wait for questions if the people doesn't knows it. We must make this wiki more famous, may be we can leave a message on users wall with information of the hsfaq. 

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