This page is all about the ranks of the contributors. If you have any question and you don't know which Admin you must ask then you are on the right page. To be added you need:

  1. A Wikia account
  2. At least 100 edits on this wikia
  3. The "Key to the Wikia" badge
  4. 110 badge points (to show your edit in different areas)
  5. Good edits and no vandalism and Spam

If you aren't active for two weeks (without saying that you are offline, on vacation, etc.), you will be kicked from that list.


  • Only Admins and Chat/Thread Moderators decide who is which rank
  • Only edit your own entry, except if there's a spelling mistake or if its Vandalism/Spam
  • The 3 lowest Ranks don't have any bonuses (except for the name colors), its just that you got higher chances of becoming a moderator/rollback ...

Name colorsEdit

Everybody on this page has got a different name color. Please write here in my message wall if you don't have the right color. You can also ask me, for a Message Wall color. Sometimes you got to clear your browsers cache to view the changes. If you want an other color, request it in the forums. Note that at least half of your rank must agree, and it mustn't be too similar to any other contributor's color!

Admins (Free color) Edit

Admins have full-access to this wikia, and therefore can do many useful things.

We currently don't need more admins, so don't ask us about this.

FranceSwitzerland Edit

He is the admin to make the wiki better. When you don't know how to add things in pages or something about images? Then you must come to him. He is also the Admin with the most edits on the Head Soccer Wiki. He is almost every day online on both wikis. You can always ask him questions, he gives you already an answer on the same day!

Ecuadorsoccer Edit

He is the Admin that improves the pages in general. He doesn't adds images because his device has a problem. Actually, he is the most active.


Rollbacks can revert edits by one user with one click.

There's currently none with this Rank. We also don't need one currently.

Chat/Thread Moderators Edit

Game-mod Edit

Recognized ContributorsEdit

  1. You have to be Recognized by an Admin.




This is only a start, if you have more things about yourself, feel free to add it under your name. Or you can change it completely how it now is. Only contributors or Admins with more than 50 edits come on this list (See Requirements above). Also don't spam over Ranks, because the Admins don't give you higher ranks.