Ask questions about to become a Admin or Moderator. Everybody can become one to do a lot edits and to stay active! If you have more than 1.000 edits you get a great chance to get a higher Rank.

Current Admins/Moderators (Head Soccer Wikia) Edit

Admins Edit

Werner der Champ  talkContribs Edits

FranceSwitzerland  talkContribs Edits

Thread-Moderators Edit

Captain chess  talkContribs Edits

CroatiaSoccer  talkContribs Edits

Teh Sweggurboi  talkContribs Edits

Chat-Moderators Edit

Aca soccer  talkContribs Edits

Fire mummy  talkContribs Edits

Current Admins/Moderators (Head Soccer Help Wikia) Edit

Admins Edit

FranceSwitzerland  talkContribs Edits

Plutosoccer  talkContribs Edits

Werner der Champ  talkContribs Edits

Thread Moderators Edit

Captain chess  talkContribs Edits

Alexmagas28  talkContribs Edits

Chat Moderators Edit

Ecuadorsoccer  talkContribs Edits

Ask here your questions about it.Edit

  • What does a Thread Moderator?                                               They can edit messages from all users.
  • How can you became a Thread Moderator?                               If you are good user, you can ask an Admin about this.
  • Which responsabilities Ecuadorsoccer has as Chat Moderator?                                                                                      He has to keep the pace in the chat


You also can visit the page Ranks on the Official HC Wiki